Nov 28 2017 - Nov 28 2017

Switch Cabinets According to UL-NRBX

Switch Cabinet Manufacturing according to UL-NITW - Industrial Control Panels
For several years, IFA Technology GmbH has been listed UL-manufacturer of switch cabinets. With this listing, the company is authorized to UL-label switch cabinets directly at their place of manufacture as required on the North American market (USA and Canada). As a benefit for the customer, cost and time-consuming UL-approvals on site can be economized.

Switch Cabinet Manufacturing according to UL-NRBX - Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous Locations
Recently, this certification has been extended to the supply of hazardous locations. As one of the few German manufacturers, we now possess the appropriate certification and the required know-how to build switch cabinets which control equipment in ex-areas.

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