Process automation

Database system, batch tracking system

NEW: Online-Recording

Online-Recording is a new method to measure the consumption of resin. Due to this process it is possible to determine the online-coating of resin per m². This data can then be shown at the operator-panel of our plant and is storable according to our customer's wishes. For our clients this process means a lot of benefits, like an overview of the resin absorption in the paper, the control of the quality of paper and supplier and also the improvement of the production.


Along high requirements to products quality, acquisition and processing of data are of an increasing importance. These include database systems which serve several tasks at once. Modern databases such as MS SQL or Oracle provide flexible interfaces which transmit order information from the ERP.

However, the used raw materials and other things have to be clearly associated with a specific production order during the production process as well. This is what stands behind the customer's desire for continuous process tracking – to be able to get information quickly and easily on the following issues:

    - Batch tracking

    - Material comsuption tracking

    - Order tracking

This information has to be accessible even over the years. Therefore, production always has to employ advanced applications for managing a factory and assets which may be implemented using various communications means.

Database systeme

Raw Material Consumption
Raw Material Management

Batch tracking system

Batch Protocol
Error Protocol

coordination with enterprise resource planning systems

Raw Material Consumption
Raw Material Management

GraviSoft 3.0 - IFA–Customized database software

For storage and recording of data and errors with a MS SQL database IFA engineered a system called GraviSoft. With GraviSoft 3.0 you have on top of used features future oriented highlights, such as consumption data for the impregnation channel or press as well, backup functionality, expanded language (Chinese and Cyrillic letters), optimized storing functionality and much more.

GraviSoft 3.0

GraviSoft 3.0