Process automation

Control and regulation technology

No matter what size of facilities you need, IFA Technology always adheres to EN/DIN/VDE codes and uses the most advanced electrical components: high current installations are provided with an additional rail system with contact protection for safety of operation. Communication between parts of the machine (PLC/PC/Panels) can be realized via any interface: Profi-Net, Profi-Bus, ASi-Bus, Ethernet-Net, etc. Also, remote maintenance or connection to an ERP system via Internet is possible.

Parallel dosing

We give much importance to maximum ease of operation. Therefore, main and auxiliary scales by IFA can be load simultaneously and discharging in accordance to the recipe. This reduces batch time and the size of the machines.

Construction of control cabinets and junction boxes

We combine quality with know-how. Each IFA's control cabinet is subjected to stringent quality inspection prior to shipping. Thorough functional tests and measurement reports are a must according to VDE. Whether it is a one-off product, special order or series production of electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic equipment, our qualified personnel always adhere to the highest standards in their work.

Switch Cabinet Manufacturing according to UL-NRBX

Reliable System Operation with Switch Control Panel from IFA Technology
IFA Technology offers technical competence and experience for your switchboard – the perfect complete offer for the construction of control cabinets. Our skilled workers undertake the design, procurement of components as well as assembly and offer everything from one source. We deliver turn key products for your machineries and also complex plant facilities with various control systems (SPS, frequency converter, CNC). All plans, components and documentations comply with the current directives and standards.

Our service in the field of switch cabinet construction:

  • Material procurement
  • Construction and functional testing according to international standards
  • Documentation
  • Assembly and Wiring

Switch Cabinet Manufacturing according to UL-NRBX - Industrial Control Panels Relating to 'Hazardous Locations'

Recently, our UL-admission has been extended to the supply of hazardous locations. As one of the few German manufacturers, we now possess the appropriate certification and the required know-how to build switch cabinets which control equipment in ex areas.