Industrial sectors

Chemicals industry

Preparation unit for liquids and solids
Dosing unit for chemicals

Plant for processing chemical substances require a high degree of safety and reliability. Here we offer a wide range of mixing and dispensing equipment. Our systems comply with the special requirements for explosion protection, emission and environmental protection, material resistance and product compatibility with a high level of production safety.

IFA deliver completely designed system for the production of resins and adhesives with low formaldehyde emission.

Areas of application:

  • Storage, mixing and dispensing of liquids such as acids, alkalis, alcohols
  • Dispensing and mixing of powders, fibres and liquids such as salts, acid granules, enamels, additives, etc.
  • Reactor systems with heating and cooling systems
  • Reaction systems for resin polymerisation
  • Silo and tanks with conveyor pathways and mixing equipment even for filling operations